am i beautiful ?

am i beautiful ? am i attractive? are they GONNA hate me or love me? is he interested in talking to me? am i seem someone special? am i good looking? people gonna accept me and talk to me or ignore me?

these questions come to almost all our minds and make our lives harder and worst. every girl want to be popular , beautiful ,SEXY, demanding, confident and has friends.

we all want this however life is too difficult and it will never be this awesome and this is disappointing for all of us .

in fact, every girl of us is special and has her own beauty and her own personality and qualities that make people love her and make her be her not anyone else. we are not PERFECT but absolutely ORIGINAL .

AM I BEAUTIFUL ? yess i am , i am more than beautiful i am who i am unless i am not pretending to be someone else other than me or imitating artists and models .  i am the girl who stands for her self , who gonna follows her dreams and achieves her goals. i am that unique girl who stays up whatever they say and whatever happens. i am that beautiful girl who is going to take care of her self and impresses the others by her confidence and strength . YES I AM BEAUTIFUL BY WHO I AM ! and i am going to do and look like i want . i am a beautiful by my thoughts and my ideas . i am beautiful by my intelligence and my creativity  that are unique and make me me .



heyy guys , i come back as i promised . i will post an article every Saturday night because i am back to my studies and i have not so mush time .

for who is asking me what i am studying . i am a medical student at the university of medicine in Tunisia .

for today’s blog , i come with a greet dress . i liked the color .it is a clear pink with some brown details :



i found it simple and elegant ,tell me about what you think in a comment . i will be happy to know what you think of it . i choose a beige sandals and hijab .



i take with this dress a brown bag from h m . it fits the brown details of the dress

i wear also a necklace as you can see in this picture


tell what you think about it and stay tuned to the next blog inchalh in the next Saturday .

your truly


1ér jour à la faculté

je vais à la faculté aujourd’hui pour la première fois , elle était grande et comporte plusieurs régions , salles , laboratoires , amphis , des escaliers , elle était magnifique pour moi et plus grande que j’ai cru . quand j’ai entrée , j’étais un peu heureuse d’avoir enregistrer dans ce genre des facultés , en effet c’est la plus belle fac en Tunisie : C’EST LA FACULTé DU MÉDECINE . il est un honneur pour moi mais en même temps j’étais effrayée de ce qu’il m’attends dans le futur . bref , j’ai promené dans la cour , devant les salles , et j’ai perdu beaucoup de temps pour trouver mon amphi après interroger deux femmes de ménage . elle était incroyable . une grande foule et tous ont été porteurs des blouses blanches que ce soit des enseignants des femmes de ménage et même les étudiants des années supérieurs . bon j’étais capable de distinguer qui est l’enseignant , l’étudiant et les travailleurs là bas mais quand même tout ce que je vois tout le temps c’est la blouse blanche . c’est mon destin en faite . je serai comme eux dans les années prochaines .

j’ai entré à l’amphi , il était incroyable et climatisé . c’est totalement différent de ce que j’ai vu au lycée . on peut dire c’est un autre monde totalement différent . j’ai pris ma place au fond de l’amphi et j’ai regretté de cette décision car je n’ai pas bien entendu ce que le professeur a dit . elle était rapide , je n’ai pas arrivé à copier ce qu’elle nous a montré . mais je n’étais pas la seule donc j’arrêtais et j’ai passé le temps écouter et essayer de comprendre seulement .

aa , j’ai oublié de dire que j’étais tout le temps seule , je ne sais aucun la bas , tous sont étrangers . j’étais la seule de mon lycée qui a fait le choix de médecine (j’ai eu une très bonne moyenne c’est pour ça) donc mes amis étaient mon livre et quelques chats qui ont pris une place sur une chaise de moi .

j’espère que je peux construire des amitiés le plus tôt possible car c’est très difficile de déplacer dans le couloir toute seule et tout le monde me regarde attentivement , c’est un peu bizarre et embarrassant pour moi .

12 hacks how to use the Vaseline



heey guys , i come this time with 12 hacks that we can use the Vaseline as a solution and a way to keep our skin healthy and shiny like diamonds .and in other fields . this is wyssal and i hope that you read my hole publication . and will very happy if you comment it .


we can find Vaseline every where in big surfaces , beauty shops , and even in the small markets. it is a pure petroleum jelly and 100% natural . added to that Vaseline is so sheep despite his effects . it is very useful for us and here you are what it can do :


1- Vaseline is benefic for the skin :

Vaseline make the skin more soft and shiny . it relieves and lightens it

it replaces many expensive creams and treatments that the ordinary girl and the teenagers can’t buy it . so here you are the solution IMG_20170902_183250.jpgjust apply it on your skin and make circles of it until it disappears , you will feel the difference right away . your skin will becomes refreshed and very beautiful so you will never be frustrated . apply it every day and you will never complain about your dry skin anymore.

2– Vaseline take care of your nails :

yes , it is a good way to refresh your nails and make it looks healthier and more attractive than before . you just have to apply it on yours nails like that : IMG_20170902_183419.jpg

make circles of it like always and repeat this act like a night routine or after removing the nail polish and you will have healthy nails like you never had it before , trust me .



In fact , when you decide to apply a new color to your nails , cover the skin around the nail with Vaseline . so when the nail polish touches your skin it will be easy to remove it . so you  wont be worried about the traces of the nail polish and you will save your time .




4-  Vaseline can remove make up :

when the cleansing ends and you have to wash your face and clean the make up off . you wont be worried about that because Vaseline is the solution . you just take a paper or you can use your fingers and apply it on your face . the make up will be removed and your skin will be cleaned. yes don’t hesitate because the Vaseline isn’t just a remover but also nutritious . in addition you can give up on buying expensive cleansing and replacing it with Vaseline which is shipper .

5- Vaseline makes your lashes longer :



you need to clean a mascara with water and let it dry so we can use it later and apply on it the Vaseline. you take some of the Vaseline and put it on the clean mascara then you apply gently on your lashes at night . you can see the your lashes take a good position due to Vaseline and keep stand up so they seem longer and more beautiful .

IMG_20170902_1835336- Vaseline is good for your eye brows :

yess don’t be surprised . it can make your eyebrows grow up fast . you just use the mascara that you cleaned it before for your lashes .

7- Vaseline relives the dead skin of your feet :

iuapply Vaseline on your feet to make it look more fresh and healthier . our feet are all the day in the sneakers or the hills . it makes them sick and suffer from the pain and the bacteria . so Vaseline can save them with just a soft touch full of love and care .


8- Vaseline is good for the lips :


when you apply the Vaseline on your lips . it makes it  softer, bigger and healthier . added to that, their color become darker so sexier . so don’t hesitate to try this hack .


many actresses use Vaseline as their beauty secret so when you follow my tips and try it you will feel the difference and the feminist in you .

9- Vaseline good for your shoes :


when your hills and your shoes lose their shine and become worst and older . you just need to cover it with Vaseline so it find its shine  . so you don’t have to throw it in the garbage or buy another shoes . problem solved .

10- Vaseline save your clothes :


when your clothes become older and stuck every time you use it . put some on the place where it’s stuck and the problem will be solved for sure .




11- Vaseline keeps your smell good :


before you use your perfume put some of Vaseline on the place where you will put the perfume on . it will make the smell last for a longer period of time so you can spend your day smelling your good perfume.




12- Vaseline is used for your hair mask :


Vaseline is so good for the hair so you can use it as a mask to make your hair looks fresh and smooth .and you can make a care routine with it.

it can keep also a specific position like you want it .it replaces many products .



that’s all guys i hope that you like my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment my publication . don’t forget that i love you and if you want me to write about a specific topic tell me , i will happy if i help you . click here to check my instagram account . see you next time in the next blog inshallah . salam alaykom .

Eid outfits

  • hey guys , it is me  »wyssal » and in this blog i will show you my outfits for eid . i am new here so i hope that you encourage me and like what i do . and if you want to follow me on instagram click here to check my account .


  • IMG_20170724_190751[1]


  • i found that the clear pink is so beautiful with the jean jacket and they cope well together so i wear it often .


  • IMG_20170724_184934[1]


  • i like also wearing the same color for both the shoes/sandals/hills and the bag so i pick the black (ps : it is my favorite color because it is neutral and goes with all the other colors) and a black nail polish is  great .


  • IMG_20170724_184958[1] 


  • i worn also a  blue necklace with beautiful decoration from zara .


  • IMG_20170724_184947[1]IMG_20170724_190802[1]

this is all for this outfits so follow me guys to see all my articles and stay tuned for the next publication . to that day i will leave you in the hands of god safe and it’s time to say  goodbye .

see you soon inshallah . follow me on instagram ‘wyssal aloui’ . salam alaykom .